Social Media Content Mgmt & Creation/ Search Engine Optimization/Product Photography

$1,336.00 / month

Social Media Content Management & Creation across multiple platforms. (20+ posts/hours)  $749 (Value $1050)

SEO, Google My Business, Yelp (10 hrs)
Local Authority – Help With Higher Rankings in Google Maps and Local Search results. Optimizing Google My Business Listing, Responding to Reviews, Adding (owner) Photos to Google, Performing Cleanup on Existing Listings, Creating New Citations/Listings on Directories. $249

Product Photography
Digital Capture Fee (1.5 hour photoshoot) for use on social media. $299.00 (Value $800). Includes Post processing/Editing/Touching up minor defects/Color Correction.

Processing Fee $35


**Credit card holder’s account is automatically charged on the same date as the original transaction date on each corresponding month.  You can cancel your subscription from your account profile page. This subscription may be canceled by either party, with or without cause, by delivering a Notice of Termination to the non-terminating party (via email) with a thirty day notice. Termination shall be effective on the thirtieth (30th) day after the date of actual receipt of such notice by the non-terminating party. Subscription fees are non-refundable.

See Terms and Conditions.