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  • When the owners of Best Branding Ever, two lovely ladies, called on our General Manager, Jose Hernandez, they presented a truly innovative idea to convey to our customers that we were grateful for their continued support during the Co-vid 19 Pandemic. They presented the opportunity to custom private label promotional spray hand sanitizer bottles and to tie their distribution to an even larger coordinated social media campaign. As soon as I heard the idea, I thought, “brilliant”. Since I live in Florida, my only concerns were execution and ability to efficiently and effectively deliver the product and it’s message. I must admit, I had some reservation when one of the ladies said she was the chemist and her sister was the graphic designer. Following our first conversation, my fears were assuaged. Within 24 hours I had preliminary design, concept graphics, and implementation proposals. I asked the girls if they would run it by our social media manager and they did indeed. Within 48 hours of our initial conversation we ordered 10,000 bottles of hand sanitizer. The product is superb and was available in multiple wonderful fragrances. Even though their original bottle supplier was unable to meet our delivery schedule, Best Branding Ever never missed a beat finding an alternate vendor and still delivering our order ahead of schedule. I am impressed with the quality of the product, the labels, and most of all that our customers love it. Best Branding Ever kept us informed on a daily basis and delivered much more than they promised. Their honesty, commitment to cause, dedicated customer satisfaction and unmitigated level of service ensures that I wholeheartedly recommend their service without hesitation or reservation. Best Branding Ever is a successful model five star business operated and owned by two proud five star ladies. Two thumbs up on all counts!

    POP’S Philly Steaks, Perry Walton, owner
  • Best Branding Ever came at the right time! With the pandemic affecting my business of selling homes, they helped me with a very unique advertising plan, which included custom hand sanitizers with my info on them. All of my clients are extra grateful when I give them one, and it has helped me tremendously in closing deals. I would highly recommend them to other realtors, businesses, with great minds alike!

    Elizabeth M. – Century 21
  • I love dem very much!  "The Best Branding Ever!" Everything they helped me with–my logo, my product line, business cards–they came out really good! I love what they did for me, always going the extra mile to make sure I am happy. They are amazing and very good at what they do! One love.

    Rasta Dawn – Reggae Artist “Shawty-D”

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